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Lorraine Daley & Greg Marcel - The All In Black Club Photographers

The All In Black Club Photographers

Lorraine has been a photographer for 13 years and wearing black for at least 30. The first night Lorraine & Greg hung out, she showed him her photography portfolio.

Three days later, he hired her for her first professional photography assignment. After assisting her on several shoots, Greg enrolled in the "Lorraine Daley Hard Knocks School of Photography", graduating at the top of his one person class. They continued working together, started dating, traveled the globe, then married. Two years ago they welcomed the most amazing, playful, fun-loving baby girl.

Lorraine and Greg created The All In Black Club as a visual home for the body of people who consciously choose to dress All In Black.

When you subtract all color and pattern, you make way for minimalism, elegance, timelessness and edginess. As all unnecessary elements disappear, form, structure and poetry emerge.

"As I aged, little by little, piece by piece, the color in my wardrobe started disappearing. I finally felt like myself."
~ Lorraine

Artists, designers, poets, rockers, goths and those living on the leading edge … these images are an ode to you.